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A man who is currently single and looking for friends or dating or a long term relationship with a man

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Age: 57, Height: 6' 04" (193 cm), Weight: 230 lbs (104 kg), Body Type: athletic, Ethnicity: white / european

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Looking for a Life Partner-Soulmate. I was wondering if there be any AWAKE men on these sites? Does anyone watch Alex Jones (, Banned.Video)? Dr. Francis Boyle world acclaimed Virologist go to his website for the Truth about the Covid Scam-demic/Planned-demic!! The CDC in early Jan 2021 just released the Death Stats for 2020. They are almost exactly the same for 2019!!! What?? Where are all the supposed deaths from covid being reported by our Deep State run Mainstream, Mockingbird, Press-titutes? Lies...all Lies. The death stats are all Cooked, Hyper Inflated. The covid test itself is 97% erroneous. Covid is being used to Destroy the economy of America and the world in preparation for the establishment of the New World Order. Why are people so Gullible? Herd consciousness is a scary thing!! Anthony Fauci has not practiced any form of medicine for over 30 years. Who appointed him to be the final authority of Covid?? Covid is nothing more than a high octane cold. The H1N1 Flue killed far more than Covid has!!! Covid 19 is very curable with 3 nutraceuticals...D3, Vit C, Zinc!!! Of course "they" don't want you to know that! They want to roll out the Forced Vaccinations instead which are designed to kill you. He and Bill Gates and all mainstream news channels claim it was Not created in a lab in Wuhan China. I have a photo of Fauci, Malinda Gates (Bill's wife), Obama in the lab taken in 2015!!! What are they doing there?? The Truth about all of it is very chilling and shocking. The CDC admits in their own internal white papers that masks are useless for protecting anyone from the virus because the nano particulates of the virus are small enough to easily pass through any masks!!! So why masks? To dehumanize you, to see how far they can go to Control you, to make you Obey, to further estrange you from normal social relating and contacts. Masks are a mandate Not a law!!! Resist! Suicide rates reached an all time high last year! What is the End Game of it all!! Most cannot handle the answer to that. They are too lost in the dither of their own little fantasy worlds. I seek a Compliment not a Duplicate of myself! ____________________________________________________It's hard being an Idealist and a Realist at the same time. Balancing those two polarities can be exhausting. I'm looking for a Good Friend that ultimately leads into a Life-Partner-Soul-Mate situation. I really only need one man. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be their world.______________________________________________ After all the winks and being friend listed and hot listed only one thing remains and that's to email me directly. Don't leave any stones unturned is a great saying. I'm not into going through a stream of intimate meaningless encounters.________ Just for the record at 230 I'm not fat, but big and muscular. 7% bf. 34 in. waist, 50 in. chest, 19 in. arms. Right now I also have a heavy, thick, dark, untrimmed mountain beard!________________________ Don't be shy write to me. I'm hardwired for Relationships. I'm a Naturalist, Woodsman, Hunter, Explorer, High Frequency Energy Healer, Empath, Visionary, Intuitive, Naturopath, Herbalist. I'm very supportive of small family farms growing heirloom seed plants and Not Monsanto death seeds! I also support family owned cattle ranches where animals are treated with respect and grass fed and not fed soy and all the other garbage they use to fatten them up before they are slaughtered. Grains do NOT work well with the digestive track of bovines!!! From what I understand Bison refuse to eat anything but grass type food. I am against state-federally run corporate, factory farms and anything the Globalist, Luciferian chemical company Monsanto does. I eat clean and organic foods for the most part. I avoid GMO Foods, Aspartame, Fluoride, MSG, Soy, High Fructose Corn syrup, Soft Drinks and more.___________________________ I'm willing to relocate for the right man so please don't be concerned with your location. I live in DFW TX. The distance between hearts is far more critical than geographical distances. __________________________ I'm masculine and hard core, with a strong personality... but I'm also tender, caring, empathic and compassionate and nurturing. If you feel any connection don't just wink send me an email or text me. :) Take a chance.You never know. My life is full of dead end winks. Be brave and act. The worst that can happen is Nothing. THANKS!

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Go Joseph Brandon, our Unelected, Installed, Commander in Thief!! Anthony Fauci science or Political Science?? Covid the great Planned Scam-demic, Medical Tyranny at its finest! CDC just admitted (2-25-2022) that Covid cases rose 1,000% in the Fully Vaccinated!!! I'm a Christian Man...looking for some friends and a Life-Partner, soul-mate, Special Friend, Bromance or whatever you want to call it. Born and raised in dairy farming country of Wisconsin. That is my humble roots. Love all things Nature. Adventuresome Woodsman, hunter, explorer. I like working out with weights to stay muscular, fit and strong. 6'4" 230, 50" chest, 34" waist, 19.5" arms, 7% body fat, no man-scaping (hairy where Men should be hairy). I don't smoke or vape and not into heavy drinking or recreational drugs. I eat clean and Organic for the most part. Living in TX now but open to relocate for the right man. I Hate CNN (which is currently being destroyed from within) and all mainstream news channels!! They are all in on the propaganda they spew out! Saying that may help you to understand my ideologies better.

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