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Looking for a Life Partner-Soulmate.
down to earth
Looking for contacts.
Good Quality Guy Seeking Same
Very friendly masculine down-to-earth TX guy looking for the same. I am been in California for years
mmm just zip up get yer skoal or cope

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Just a down to earth cowboy and retired military looking for friends and buddies in the Big Horn
I am looking for hairy men in Texas, and worldwide.
In search for someone genuine trying my luck to find the right partner.
The last thing on my "bucket list" is to be laid by a bodybuilder. Someone 18 thru 35, any race,
Looking for a potential friendship with a matured mate, iv done a lot in the past and noe I' wanna
I am looking for a guy with a foot fetish, I will let you do and with my feet, not looking for sex,

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