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A man who is currently single and looking for friends or intimate encounters with a man

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Age: 61, Orientation: gay, Height: 6' 05" (196 cm), Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg), Body Type: average, Ethnicity: white / european

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 USA  >>  Texas


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Looking for masculine gay men. to spend time with cowboys/butch men THIS TOMCAT IS FULFILLED WITH HIS BOYFRIEND. NO MORE STRAYING FOR SEX. I VE BEEN DOMESTICATED BY A GREAT MAN S LOVE. I'm GWM, friendly, fit, discreet, traveling, cowboy type of butch, normal man. I'm seeking masculine gay, str8, or bi men. Looking to spend time with gay cowboys, truckers, locals, butch men across the midwest of USA from Mexico to Canada borders for quiet laid back fun and manly companionship after work & when traveling. I'm a traveling cowboy, work many of these areas some, I'd like to meet up with some truckers/traveling/local males for good friends/company, I simply want good man to man non sexual male companion when in your area for work. Me low drama, kind, decent, clean, str8 look/act/talk/clothes masculine man. HWP, GWM, NO DRUGS, DDF UB2, no hassles, no jealousy, no strings, no drama man here. Both need to earn mutual trust/friendship. I'm gone quick and down the road after good times together. Seeking masculine men only please. Thanks men. Good luck with your hunting on here guys !!!! There really are lots of very good men on here.

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No hassles hayseed cowboy here. Easy to please. No drama, no strings, fun times. I m discreet GWM, normal, friendly, very butch looking and acting to pass for str8 in any small town you want. I travel the central USA in my pickup for work. All hat and no cattle here, just a working man doing grunt work for pay. I m butch, clean cut, honorable, closeted, respectful, law abiding, masculine, blend into the local redneck, cowboy type crowd. I m looking for man to man friendship and companionship as I travel by. Hoping to just spend time together shooting the shit, nothing but shared times with good men. I m looking for manly men across the midwestern USA states from the Mexican border to the Canadian border. I m a real normal working man, act, look, talk, clothes, as str8 man and I m seeking the same. Like camping, travel, outdoors, animals, rodeos, quiet times, open spaces, prefer rural, masculine men. Thankful to just talk with you as you clean stalls, bale hay, repair equipment, harvest fields, do chores, do your boring daily work, or whatever. I don t need or want skydiving or wild adrenlin highs. Just good honest manly companionship is all. Tired of nights after work being alone in my horse trailer bunk, camping, or motels. Want to share visits or online with different single gay or bi masculine men, or male couples, for manly friends after work hours. Just some good manly companions across the midwest as I travel for my work. I m into just spending time together, lots of talking, friends to share early nights after work together. I enjoy fast food, Sonic drive ins, cheap simple home food, cheap fun, share your life with you, only part time when I m around. I just travel by, visit, and go on my way. I m no drama, no hassles, no jealousy, no problems, no strings, no money involved, no crazy problems UB2. I m sane, responsible, hard working, fun, easy going, UB2 . Not into any drugs, hard drinking, or dangerous stunts. My life is too good to risk it on any of those things. UB2. I m gone soon, good companion and man to man fun when in your area or nearby in my travels. I m an outgoing man just looking for good conversation and company for an evening passing thru. GWM, DDF, healthy, normal man. UB2. I don t need thrills or fireworks, just seeking good quality man to man company. Like to meet up face to face if I travel past you. See if we click as friends. Thanks for looking men. Good luck hunting on here. Lots of great men on here.

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