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A man who is currently single and looking for friends or dating or a long term relationship with a man

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Age: 65, Orientation: gay, Height: 5' 09" (175 cm), Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg), Body Type: average, Ethnicity: white / european

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 USA  >>  North Carolina


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bearish-masculine men,otter,cubs,ect I'm a masculine man,51,furry,uncut,versatile,alpha male(but not an asshole about it)educated,well travled(world wide) but remain a good hearted down ta earth country boy from the stix of north appreciate and vaule blue collar men,non pretentious men,redneck boys

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GM4GWM-45-65Sks Good Energy & Connection, somethin' deeper ....61 (Yes,Really, Ha!!). 180lbs furry. Hiv.neg. seeking genuine. friendships to build over time as well as one good man...a beloved one. I Have a LOT of Love,Knowledge,information and LIFE experiences to share with a compatible connected soul. Old Soul here. At the Big "Y" ncspiritbear don't drink,smoke nor any drugs here. seeking GWM's between 45-70 Scot-Irish-Welsch-Cherokee- Southern Man....far deeper than a puddle much more to I can. genuiness,sincerity and mutual respect go a long way with Me ! Educated,well traveled,down to Earth Guy. Thanx "fer" stoppin' in. Keith. having difficulty with my I typed this short profile out on a tiny phone screen. the print results look goofed up.... THAT was the short version... for the bold n brave here the longer version;you have been warned:-) Though I share a LOT about MYself in this profile rendering I genuinely am intersted in others as well. here growz.... ~Sperate supra omnia in valorem~ (The Value of TRUST is above ALL else!) If you're a MAN who is POWERFUL and WISE with His Power,One who is NOT afriad of His Power but doesnt have to be an asshole about it on a regular basis then I definitely like to connect with you as well as a variety of Manly types. I'm Healthy NO STD's or the like,100% HIV negative here.Seeks Monogamous, first and foremost;if you are partnered, please go back to your partner( PLATONIC friendships are just fine,I DON'T 'cross' that line though) ! I am not 'on the scene'. Old Soul here...always learning,growing ,developing and the cycle continues... seeks to connect with other white men 38-68 there abouts...where to start with these things.... 60 years of age, Hiv Neg,seeks same, I DO NOT DRINK, I DO NOT smoke nor do any kind of drugs,I DETEST Poppers,too.makes me sick to have to even get a whiff of that stuff. I Just want ONE GOOD MAN TO LOVE AND who deserves the immense love I have in my heart to give and to be VERY MUCH LOVED BACK ,as well. I seek NOT ONLY Platonic,real and genuine friendships that are built over time but also a beloved one,too! MONOGAMOUS one on one is the name of the game here. A Guy who is Physically and Emotionally availablee to embrace a deep friendship: Core values: Integrity,honesty,communicative,sharing of mind,heart,spirit,physical,balanced with alone time,quiet time,time to just 'Be'' and that goes for BOTH Men. Faithful,loyal,dedicated,protective,comforting Alpha Male here... a Daddy Bear Type of Man would be great! not limited to that type only.I'd like a MAN that can handle my energy as well I,his. I AM ALIVE in heart,mind and 59 I am NOT half dead..not bragging,its just a fact of healthier choices I Made some 25/30 yrs ago,the physical and spiritual 'work' I do to keep and allow that to be so in my life. no bullshit,no nonsense just the truth. Other topic's: NOT into Slam-Bamm-Scram-routine. HIV. Negative,Provable and seeks SAME. Im a Lover,a Romantic and a Protector,as well as I want to be protected,safe,made love to and with and romanced !! As the saying goes "oh healer heal Thy Self ",the massage therapist NEEDS a massage too !! get It? 5'9" 170lbs,34",endowed 8 1/2"er Thick Fat Uncut,heavy-leaker,manly furry unshaved balls-Alpha Male Versatile/Top- 85% Top Man. However Versatile on Many levels in and outta da sack- variety truly is the spice of life!! I AM into INTENSE vanilla,passion with a build up slowly.I can be dominant and intense,I can be laid back ,mellow and surrendered. if I so choose and if he has earned' that level of respect from me, and has that foundation...EARNED it !! It isnt automatically GIVEN.I AM rough around he edges(truly a Teddy Bear at heart though how bout chew? , I AM both intense when needed and yet truly enjoy being mellow laid back,and easy going. I Love Beauty,Harmony,DEEP LOVE & Peace BOTH internally, as well as peace and quite,externally. I Love history,reading,meaningful conversation,telling jokes,good humour and being funny as hell,theres a a time and place,then theres the serious side of life where we get down to business and git shit done,too!! I AM an EXTRO-vert and yet I AM a deeply internal Man, I AM dedicated to the evolvement of the Soul,healing of the emotions,and elevation of both the HEART and SPIRIT, well as Love and service to mankind....again I AM rough around the edges,and though Im a southern Man,who's from "Da Stix",I AM also well traveled,well educated,but right down to the ground,non-pretentious.Life is NOT a dress rehearsal and Im not that good of an actor and dont wanna be!I Have lived in NYC before many many moons ago when I was in my 20's,for 7 years and I CAN MOST DEFINITELY "pull out MY new yorker" if need be,I AM NO ONES doormat. I AM STR8 forward and willing to communicate feelings,emotions,I AM a MAN of HEART and SPIRIT,for shure( and No Im NOT trying to scare you off !)....and though I truly am a teddy bear at heart, a sweet heart( it takes a strong Man and a man who is comfortable with Him self and is grounded in Love and Awareness-to be KIND and LOVING and Im certainly NOT the ONLY man Like this for shure) I bullshit NOT with Bullshit and I AM NOT a doormat for others peoples lack of awareness,bullshit or the like. Ground rules for living. I AM both spiritual and physical - translation here,as best I can: I Have known and have been aware of being a spiritual being of the light ,since age 3 no shit! I was also aware of having a deep purpose for being here in this life on earth of which I called " Earth 101" a big ass school of which we all come here to learn,grow and experience at age 3. I was also very much aware that I was Homosexual back then,too. ....playing with energy and creating from thot and emotion was so much fun when I was a wee lad. I am of Scot-Irish-Welsch-American Indian Heritage. IN the Physical world, I have had lots of life experiences,traveled parts of the world, and would love to do so again,as much as possible. Have suffered tremendously and yet have led a blessed life.people who have suffered a lot,have had their souls deepened by such they also make for great healers of which I am one,as well funny funny ass creative people too. Oh healer heal thy self I thoroughly practice & as I say a good teacher is a good student and a good student will one day be a good/great teacher. Taught school before, have also played four instruments- self taught on all four,then took lesson on 3 out of the 4 instruments. 45 + years of Wholistic healing,training,application and certifications out da ying-yang,herbology. creative and practical..worked since age 15 1/2 mbr op ntry boy//city wisdom! I Like/love baseball,bowling,fishing, camping,beach at midnight,cooler,colder weather,spring time,autumn.romance and making love and working up a sweat while doing so,taking our time. slam-bamm- drop'um-lets fuck,has never been my modius operandi. How does one communicate who one is thru such a medium as is partial ONLY,at best. One can not be fully known unless seen thru the eyes of love,if you can come to know the Man's heart, then you can come to love this person,as a friend,or as a beloved one...both in one man would be the best of both worlds for both men.some have this,therefore it is in the realm of possibilities. There's a difference between being in like/love of the idea a Man as opposed to being in Like/Love with the Real Man and the reality of the man, all this good shit takes time. peace be with, without all the online bullshit.

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