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man who is currently single and looking for dating or a long term relationship or intimate encounters with a man

My Vitals:
Age: 49 , Height: 5'08" 173cm , Weight: 215lbs 98kg , Body Type: Thick
Ethnicity: Caucasian-White

Where I Live:
San Luis Obispo Monterey, California (CA) USA

DATE listing:
Hairy hunky furball Hiv YOURS TRULY: I am an open and direct person. I have to stick with the facts, because the rest is subjective to others' perception. I'm authentic, real and believe this IS the happily-ever-after. I can make the best of it solo and I don't want anybody else's life. However, I have a big warm heart (a big body too) and lots of emotional flow to share with a man who wants to give and receive love. For me life happens in the sublime, the glitz is fine, when the beauty fades there better be something else to bond with. I believe less is more. I like to spend my time with my family, friends, dogs, outdoors in the sun with my feet in the dirt, rain on my face. For me serenity is doing what must be done and being happy doing it. PRINCE CHARMING: I've kissed a lot of frogs, much to my chagrin... they are still frogs. I'm looking for the same thing I have to offer and I want it all. Body, mind, spirit... sex with emotional intimacy. Some common ground, morals and beliefs. Physically I like men in many shapes and sizes. I cannot describe that certain je ne sais quoi, it's there or it's not. I like the outside to make we want to look under the hood, so to speak. I have been on a lot of dates and many of them fizzle in the first 5 minutes. Some of them tick by two hours on the clock before you know it... it's that kind of interaction which gives me hope. A stimulating discourse where two little boys are sharing because they're so excited about the twinkle in the other one's eye they can't stand it. SEX: This one's important too, after all I believe in monogamy so there better be some common ground here too. Me credo is willingness, open mindedness and reciprocation.... in short, versatile. I like it all, a few times in my life I've experienced that beautiful dance, a celebration of two people sharing a level of caring and intimacy expressed physically hand in hand with mutual respect and adoration. It's not so much about the act, but the passion behind it. STATS: Relatively unimportant information. 30 inch waist, 4 inch male member, hwp, vgl, masc, musc....WHATEVER. Let's face facts. If you have eyes you can see I like mealtime. I can also hike up a mountain and move a refrigerator by myself. I have garnered many compliments about my appearance, good and bad. So my scale screams get off me when I step on it, apparently 215 lbs is a bit much for it. I'm 5'8' so according to some statistic that's not my ideal weight, doh. It is what it is. My momma thinks I'm vgl, but that's not for me to say if you do. As for my maleness, I've never had any complaints and it's far from adult actor sized. HIV, if you really want to know, ask. As for your HIV status, as long as you're willing to share that part of your life with me, I will deal with it either way. BELIEFS: Spiritual, it's about the journey not the destination. Democrat because there's no option for real freedom. Sensitivity, well I am a firm believer in acceptance of race, gender, sexuality, religion any of those differences which get people's dander up, I like to focus on the similarities. I have no room in my life for bigotry or intolerance. GAYDAR: Huh? How to express this. I am out of the closet. My family and friends accept me. I'm still uncomfortable at times after 20 years, but I keep working on it and it gets easier. I have gay stickers on my vehicle. My neighbors and employers are included if they ask. I haven't marched in a parade yet but if compelled I would. MANNERISMS: Saaaay fella, do you come this way often? I'm a fag, a homosexual... guess what, I have some great feminine qualities to go along with my masculine qualities. I share my butch/femme top/ b0tt0m husband/wife man/woman roles equally. I believe in balance here too. Yeah, sometimes I hear some sibilance in my voice, I've caught myself swishing. I also have dang fine smelling armpits and I don't shave my balls. Butch? YES, Macho? NO, Manly? YES Girly? YES. It's all about attitude and actions, standin up for what I believe in and keeping my word.

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My Keywords:
personality: flirt, funny, honest, intelligent, laid back, loner, masculine, out-going, realist, romantic
sexual mindset: oral, versatile, versatile bottom
ethnicity: white-european
smoking: non smoker
hair type: buzzcut, long, short
politics: left, moderate, not interested
alcohol: non drinker, recovering
spiritual: agnostic
facial hair: beard, mustache
drugs: non user
interests-hobbies: beach, cars, computers, dogs, outdoors, science fiction

I am Looking for:
personality: honest, intelligent
sexual mindset: oral, versatile, versatile bottom, versatile top
ethnicity: african-african american-black, asian-pacific island, latina-latino, middle eastern-north african, mixed-multi, native-aboriginal, white-european
smoking: non smoker, smoker occasional, smoker quitting
hair type: bald, balding, buzzcut, long, shaved, short
politics: far left, left, moderate, not interested
alcohol: non drinker, occasional drinker, recovering, weekends only
spiritual: agnostic, atheist, buddhist, christian, earth based-pagan, jewish, uncommitted
facial hair: beard, five oclock shadow, goatee, mustache, smooth
drugs: non user
interests-hobbies: cars, dogs, outdoors


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