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A man who is currently single and looking for friends or dating or a long term relationship or intimate encounters with a man

My Vitals:

Age: 42, Orientation: gay, Height: 5' 11" (180 cm), Weight: 180 lbs (82 kg), Body Type: average, Ethnicity: white / european

Where I Live:

 USA  >>  Arkansas  >>  Little Rock

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Humble guy seeks a masculine top A bit about me, hmmm, well if I see a tall mountain or building I want to stand on top of it and look down upon the world. I love to hike up mountains. I tried to bulk up in the gym, did ok, but don't think it's my thing. I'm in the cinema a lot. I'm quite organised and disciplined, a wiz with personal finance and love to hunt down the best price on big purchases. I like Sci-Fi movies and thinking outside the box. In order to be content I need to be creative, whether that's writing, photography or property renovation. I'd like to make my mark on this world with my writing although just now I have a burning desire to set up an aquaponics farm. It just really speaks to me. To be away from city life and get back to a slower, more natural way of living. The idea of living on a ranch really appeals. Your welcome to take a look at a couple of my blog's if you like, there are some fun photos to keep my rather long stories a bit more interesting. I've ridden a horse a couple of times, but sadly it's always been in tour groups. More a case of I sat on them while they went into auto pilot. I love the idea of really riding one with my cowboy hat on and getting out in the countryside. Activities that bring out my 'inner man'. As for my level of gayness, I'd say I'm in the middle. Not a man's man, not a flamer. I can look straight but I'm happily not so I don't pretend I am. I honestly admire men, big burly men, but that will never be me. I don't have much interest in cars, sports etc, unless I'm in the car or I'm playing the sport. I do have a soft spot Jeep Wranglers (sport) which I can't help but think the most fun in the world. Top down, always. What I think I want is to find a unique someone who happens to enjoy all the bits that make up me and forgive the stuff that's not so great. Someone I can curl up in bed with and listen to all his stories and be grateful I have such a wonderful guy in my life. Someone strong enough to keep me in line in life and in the bedroom. Power is a terrific aphrodisiac. I've reached a point where I'd seriously like to partner up and grow with someone and work out exactly what that means to both of us and work on it. Take on the life together. I'll be your Scarlett if you be my Rhett. Currently I'm an Australian living in Scotland looking to move to the USA. What can I say, 11 years here and I'm over it. I can no longer deny I need SUNSHINE and hot weather in my life. Vegas hit all my buttons when I was there. Would love to move to Texas, Arkansas (my best mate lives there) Florida, any place in the south but I think I'm open to anywhere with actual daylight! Oh and just because I'm looking to swap countries please don't consider me some desperate Mexican. I have a career, my own pad and a life where I'm at, difficult to walk away from. Seems gays finally got Federal Immigration rights, so yippy to that. Soon it will be a move to the USA or back to Australia. Which one or how, well I'm open to suggestions. Would love to communicate with anyone and everyone but I'm specifically attracted to taller, older, stronger dominant types. Big old tree trunks of men, stocky not necessarily gym buffed but not fat, just bigger than me. Someone who likes to top. I was first in Las Vegas in January 2011 and then again June 2012 and I know I'll be back, so would especially enjoy meeting some of the local guys for the next time I'm in town. Then again I have a very special friend in Little Rock so I may end up moving there, who knows. Seems the older I get the more I want to escape the 9 to 5 and have more space around me. Just because I wasnt raised on a ranch dont think that I cant work on a ranch or appreciate what it takes. Everyone needs to start somewhere and you'd be surprised at how determined I can be. Until I get it right though, you'd have to enjoy watching me find my feet as you show me the ropes. Take care Cheers

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General Description

I'd just like to make some new friends. Find someone to explore the Natural State with.

My Details

Socio-Group average guy
Hobbies & Interests gardening, outdoors, science fiction
Facial Hair beard
Hair Type short
Hair Color brown, salt-pepper
Eye Color blue
Ethnicity white / european
Sexual Mindset bottom
Personality intelligent, laid back, loner, realist
Spiritual agnostic, atheist, uncommitted
Politics left
Smoking non smoker
Alcohol heavy drinker

I'm looking for

Socio-Group bear, butch, cowboy, daddy type, mature older, muscle man
Facial Hair beard, five oclock shadow
Hair Type short
Sexual Mindset top
Personality funny, honest, intelligent, laid back, masculine, realist
Spiritual uncommitted
Politics left
Smoking non smoker
Alcohol occasional drinker
Drugs just pot